Lost Forever In The W.W.W.

There are some of us who are not organized or proficient in record keeping.  The downside of this could be loss of royalties, or income if something unforeseen occurs, and your loved ones  are unable to use your information.  Discover the steps you should take  in Monna Ellithorpe’s book, “Lost Forever In The W.W.W.”

Monna gives you a list of 12 particular areas for keeping records for your internet business.  Should you become incapacitated, or worse, your record keeping is a necessary means of information for your loved ones to have.

With this information they can receive payments on your accounts to either pay bills, or receive those monies that you have earned in your lifetime.  Many do not like to have these discussions, because these “what ifs” are not something that seem relevant for the moment.  Regardless, we should consider the kinds of dilemma we could leave our families in, if they were not to have this information at a hand’s reach.

I urge to read this small gem, and start organizing the paperwork your loved ones will need for when a short-term, or long-term absence from your online business occurs.

Get your copy today: Click Here:

Sincerely, BG

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Cheap Children’s Book Review

Daily, we read books to our children, and grandchildren, and may think to ourselves, I think I can do this.

You’re constantly making up stories, songs, and poems, to entertain, and delight your little ones, but to actually write a book about it is more than you’ve anticipated.  You decide you’ll sit down, write a story, and send it off to various publishing houses, only to receive one rejection slip after another.  However, now the bug has bitten you, and the itch is still there, you have to continue, somehow, and someway.  You know you can do this.

Then you meet a friend who opens your eyes to self-publishing your children’s book…and even then, you have to take into account these costs, as well:

  • Book Covers
  • Inside Book Illustrations
  • Book Launch Fees
  • Networking Fees
  • Marketing Fees
  • Blogging Fees
  • Hosting Fees
  • Time Invested

Don’t get me wrong, illustrators, and marketers, do a wonderful job and deserve to get paid.  I love my earlier illustrators!  But, let’s face it, if you’re up and coming, and want to break through the barrier, there is a larger start-up cost than expected…until now.

CheapChildren’sBook.com, created  by Author Barry J McDonald, is one of the best things to come along in a long time!  This program is fit for a small budget, and has more value than those which can cost you hundreds of dollars.  And, even if you’re not in the children’s book arena, but still love to write…some of these ideas will transfer to other niches of writing, as well.

Watch the video below to learn more.

To Access Cheap Children’s Book: Click Here!

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Portrait of a Paintbrush


Portrait of a Paintbrush

He’s kind of shy and not been used
For painting colors in bright hues,
But in his mind, he has a thought
A flow’ry glory, to be sought.

Pale purple daisies in his scene,
Soft billowy flanks with blades of green.
A weathered post and split rail fence
Smeared rusty brown for recompense.

The shy paintbrush, with bristles soft,
Begins to paint, while breezes waft,
An azure blue and silver sky,
Pale daisy sprays, near mountains high.

Green grasses wave in fields with pride
By goldenrods, perched on the side.
There’s baby’s breath that’s cast amidst
Wildflower fields the sun has kissed.

More daisies line a graveled road
Aclad with hues, purple and gold.
A barn, white house, and split rail fence
Are center stage, with daisies dense.

Sweet lilacs too, make a debut
With tulips, red, but just a few.
A lovely, brilliant sight to see
Alight in vibrant imagery.

But near a spray, leaned on the rail
A paintbrush, dressed in purples pale.
His handle, plum and dotted white
With bristles worn, supple and lithe.

The artist, in his masterpiece
Leaned on the rail in perfect peace.
His portrait splashed for all to see,
In lavender divinity.

B.G. Jenkins

© 2006


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Choose You This Day…

Choose You This Day…
is to appoint your day for something good. Every day, use your abilities and opportunities, to choose your day, or to choose how you react in a given situation. There are many who need you to make a great choice. With one stroke of a pen, a tap of a key, or a word from your mouth, you add cheer, comfort, or not, to another’s day.

This life is not all about us.  It’s about giving and helping each other.  How many people do you know who have succeeded on their own?

There’s always someone behind the scenes in any success story,  or successful relationship, lifting them up, giving them advice, or helping them to change directions.   Ultimately that direction is yours to choose, but it comes at the cost of others’ efforts of meshing with you to make an enjoyable contribution for you both.   It takes two to converse, and it takes you being a friend to make a friend.

This quote was a contributing factor to this post today.

“My friends, ‘No man is an island.’  Whatever you are facing, God has not abandoned you, and neither should you abandon each other.”

-Billy Green, “Kiss and Tell Your Story”

Then, this morning I read a blog post where the author was talking about how to deal with criticism in your blog post.  He did well on his reply.  Sometimes, a comment comes, and takes you off guard, but you have to learn not to react and be who you are in every situation.  (Tough to do at times.)

If you’re reading this, more than likely, you’re a writer.  So, for your plan of action today set some time aside to…write a note, make a post, send a card, sing a song, tell a joke, or draw a picture, for someone who needs some cheer in their lives.  When the tide is strong and the undertow is pulling you down, put a smile on your face and help another.  It is true what they say:

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.”

-Wendy Mass, The Candymakers

Sincerely, BG

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Draw to Win and the Napkin Academy

There are times we come across things we love and we just have to share.  This post is about a book, an author, and site which the author, Dan Roam, hosts called the Napkin Academy.  I became acquainted with the author through a webinar last year, and was instantly fascinated with his ideas on using your visual mind for products and services.  Though, he focuses mainly on business,  these precepts translate into other areas of life as well.

One of Mr. Roam’s main concepts is using simple pictures for better communication.  His drawings enlighten the mind and he states that no matter your ability, you can learn to draw, and develop a better message through doing so.  (And let me tell you, my drawings are not wonderful, but Mr. Roam prompted me to continue and practice.)

During my time at the Napkin Academy, Mr. Roam brought in guest authors, artists, speakers, and other business professionals to draw integrating ideas together.  For me this process opened my mind to a realm I probably wouldn’t have noticed otherwise.  It’s amazing what you can see when someone cleans your glasses, and opens your eyes to new possibilities.

Dan Roam has other books and strategies to lead you further than this.  He trains fortune 500 companies in strategy development and communications, and comes across as just a regular guy.  He has a knack for breaking the complex down into simple terms, and this is only one reason I recommend him. There are many more.

I will put a video of a sample of my work and…

urge you to chuckle with me, but while doing so, remember, this- Dan Roam is a wonderful author whom you should check out.  In my view if you want to succeed, you need to “Draw To Win.”

You will find Dan Roam at the Napkin Academy.


Sincerely, BG

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