About Me

I was Buckeye born, (with southern roots) and  loved wandering the hills of Woodland Cemetery, with my friends, near our home. We explored the woods, took dips in the duck pond, and romped along the creek of the University of Dayton Campus. Because of this, I believe it inspired my friends, and I, to dream and move beyond our circumstances.

Over the past 30 years, I’ve been a serial entrepreneur engaging in a number of business ventures that ranged from Realtor and small business owner, to involvement with various network marketing companies. While raising my children, I studied creative writing and became a prolific writer of short stories and poems.  My driving passion is to write stories and poems to engage, and open the minds of children in the creative process. Touching their  hearts and helping them to uncover the joy of reading and writing is what I love, and it also helps me leave a legacy for my grandchildren.