Writing With Patience or Intensity?

Writing with patience or intensity?

Patience?  Hmmm…a foreign concept to me, though I know that patience is a virtue.  As you may have guessed, I do have a hard time harnessing patience.

So, how do you practice writing patience when a tsunami of words hit, and you’re fighting to capture every one of them?  You know the waters will rush back out to sea, leaving you deprived of a single element that makes sense if you don’t put it on paper now.  You recognize this.  It’s intense!  Right?

Write.  Keep writing…sense, and nonsense, and then sort it out later.

An opportunity will arise when you can take your proverbial scalpel to cut away those things that aren’t needed, and then add elements that bring more sense and comprehension to the picture. Sometimes, the nonsensical spurs new ideas. It’s hard when emotions are high, and you’re trying to use this flow to go with the tide.  Tides turn.  Capture what you can.  Be patient.  It will come.

I just had a wise friend tell me to leave something sit, and come back to it.  I took her advice, and she was correct.  I was able to look at my written piece and improve it.  This takes patience.  Crafting and editing takes time.   If your piece is “dogging you” too badly, work on something else for a while.

And then, this week I read an ebook by an author who suggested you ask five friends to write three things about you to help your find your writing voice.  It was also to help you see your blind side.   I did that.  I had some nice things sent back to me, and this is the one that stuck in my brain…

INTENSE…  (Who?  Me?)

Well, honestly, I kind of knew this, and I appreciated the honesty because I knew this person was trying to help me.  Then they told me that this was a good thing.  I found that fact a little befuddling, until they explained.

They said that I was intense to the point of making sure that I tried to get everything right, and I would keep working at it until I did. (Can I tell you how much I love my … this family member.)

So, with your writing, use both intensity and patience.  Write what you love, and be kind to yourself.  But most of all, find your own voice.  Keep writing.


Sincerely, BG

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2 thoughts on “Writing With Patience or Intensity?”

  1. Hi BG,

    I love this. I just happened to see that you posted it right before I shut my computer down for the night. I am glad that I decided to read it tonight instead of waiting until tomorrow.

    It couldn’t have been said any better; “Write. Keep writing…sense, and nonsense, and then sort it out later.”

    I have to work on this myself. I think probably every writer has lost a thought or maybe a hundred thoughts just because we decided to edit as we write (not a good mix).

    Thank you for posting this. It reminded me what I have to work on in my own writing life.

  2. Hi Monna. Thanks again… I think you may know that wise friend in this. Sometimes it is hard trying to get it all down or all out before it’s lost.
    We just keep trying and plugging away. Thanks again.

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