There are “No Writing Emergencies”


My daughter informed me yesterday that there are “No Writing Emergencies,” just as there are “No bag emergencies.” (She sells bags.)

Does she not know that there is?  (lol)

So, when those writing emergencies come…(for me, they are emergencies), and the flow of words is hitting you on the head with a sledge-hammer, warning you to “PAY ATTENTION,” what do you do?  You haven’t a notepad, recording device, or “Ctrl S” in the nearest hundred miles to save those precious thoughts?  You aren’t able to capture words, or put them on pause or slow, and your inner voice is telling you to run to the nearest laptop or notepad.  What do you do?

Does the wind blow those thoughts back your way again?

“Oh, winds of word where dost thou blow, if not within thy humbled soul?  Remain close by… for I dost fear thou musing call I shall not hear.”

Ok, Shakespeare I’m not… but in my pondering, I’m wondering if this is the results of “blow back.”  The words not blowing back to you in the winds of word, and giving you unintended repercussions because you’re not writing them down.  You may get glimpses of them here or there, but usually if they aren’t written down, or recorded, then those thoughts are gone-   lost to the winds, and given to the next one who picks up on them.  Or perhaps, within those glimpses you may recover a bit of something, and use it a different way.

We shouldn’t lose hope.   Word association, or picture association… could help you to coax the muse back.  Try relaxing or taking a walk, and pray for Providence to re-ignite your flow of words.

I’ve read recently (don’t remember who) about a writer who writes on a daily schedule even when the muse isn’t flowing, so that he will catch him when he is.  I thought it was a great concept.

In a world of children, and grandchildren, we do have to make sacrifices.   Sometimes things are placed on hold to formulate a more necessary connection with our precious ones.  We would not want them to feel that our own pondering should take precedence over family, and sometimes it is a great conflict to calm the storm of your worded soul and look at things more realistically.

How do you feel about it?  Leave me a comment and let me know.

Sincerely, BG

6 thoughts on “There are “No Writing Emergencies””

  1. Hi BG,

    I write thousands of words daily. Every day. Doing so helps me keep the muse in my pocket 😉 Really though, forming the habit of writing helps you to write on demand, so inspiration is always there, 24-7, 365.

    I have been writing 10-30 guest posts weekly in addition to blog posts for my blog and comments using this daily writing practice/exercise/habit. It really works.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…BFP Podcast Episode 15: 5 Tips for Successful Guest PostingMy Profile

  2. I have had the experience of the words coming and going before I can record them and I feel they will never come back. Other times I do manage to get inspired in the same way usually both happen when I am walking. Now I never go out without something to capture at lease the essence of the meaning so I can expand upon it when at a keyboard.

  3. Hi BG,
    I agree. There are writing emergencies just as you describe and you can’t get to something fast enough to write it down. I try to keep something with me ALL the time but of course that’s unrealistic.

    So we do the best we can and who knows those thoughts we lose may just be a prelude to something even better.

  4. Hi Ryan,

    Thanks so much for commenting. Yes, I do know that you write much each day…something we all need to do by example.
    That is incredible to me how you keep that pace, but like with anything, when you do it and keep doing it, then it’s done more easily.
    Thanks again, for your input. I appreciate it so much!

  5. Hi Lawrence,

    I think the same happens for me. I do usually try to keep something with me, but of course, it’s those times I forget when
    the words are coming. Thanks for your input! I appreciate it!

  6. Hi Monna, I agree. Having something handy to write on is a must for me, but then that doesn’t always happen.
    It seems like the words sometimes comes at the most inopportune times. Thanks so much for sharing and commenting.

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