What Kind of Seeds are We Sowing?


Everyday we have to look at ourselves and ask, “What kind of seeds are we sowing?”  When the dark clouds arise, and the storms are a brew, we may wonder what we did to deserve this.  We may not deserve the dark clouds and storms, but in life, things happen, and we have to plan to plant seeds of goodness, despite what others are sowing.

Tony Robbins wrote this in a book many years ago:

“Act.  Don’t react.”  -Tony Robbins

He emphasized that no matter what someone else does, you get to choose how you want to respond.  So if you normally would respond with kindness, goodness and understanding you can, because that is your choice.  It’s not always easy to do when that touch of ire in your blood comes out, so make your choice ahead of time…”I will respond in kindness and truth.”

Even in a place of conflict, we must state our grievance and then forgive the other party, whether they ask for it, or not.  That releases you from carrying that burden around.

You may decide that you need to cast your seeds in another field, in richer and better soil, and leave that field behind.  Never stay in a field where others are trying to diminish the seed you’ve been given, either with unkindness or disrespect.  Decide for yourself if it was a slight oversight, or an act of disrespect, and continue planting your seeds of goodness.

Use your writing therapy to help you see things clearly. It’s a great stress reliever.

Robert Louis Stevenson quoted:

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seed that you plant.  -Robert Lewis Stevenson.

In the end, our lives will boil down to one thing…”What kind of seeds did we sow?”  Did we sow seeds of love, honesty, kindness, or did we sow seeds of ill will, and disrespect?  Sow good seeds…it matters.

Have a good day,

Sincerely, BG

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