A Life Lived Well

When thinking of a life lived well, we have to consider all aspects of life.  We have to consider, our thoughts, our actions, our words and deeds, along with the abstracts of rudders, hinges and springs.

A rudder is a small instrument (or piece of wood) that  helps with the steering of a ship.  A hinge is a joint that a door hangs on that guarantees the smooth opening and closing of the door.  A spring is a cushion between two things, like a mattress top and bottom to keep the pressure off those two points.

These terms can also be used to embellish this thought of mine.

We all hear that “Actions speak louder than words,”  and before taking action we can use that little rudder to turn thoughts from bad to good.  Well intended thoughts, or words, can backfire if the spring isn’t cushioned well, or doesn’t  have enough bounce to keep it from hitting bottom.  And who wants to have those doors slammed shut, or the hinges of life broken and hanging?

In every well lived life we have to take care with all of our thoughts, actions, and words, so that we do not harm others.  A well lived life is about caring for others.  Taking responsibility for your actions, and promoting good thoughts and words in a loving way.

So, today let your ship be steered by a strong rudder, hinged on the smooth opening and closing of doors, with enough spring in your life that you keep enough bounce to spring you forward.

Keep developing your well lived life…and doing it in a loving way.

Sincerely, BG


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Frustration…How Do You Deal With It?

Life doesn’t always go as planned. It seems like I just heard this yesterday.  Oh yes, I did, in a video by an author friend.

I will have to go watch the video again.

There  are days, or weeks, when life throws something out of the ordinary at us, and we get frustrated.

Frustration, how do you deal with it?

Find a place, or a space to calm down, and look at the situation as it really is. Walk away.  Get  perspective.  Even laugh if you can.  Most often, in the scheme of things, this is only major for the moment, and not for a lifetime.  Find a place of peace, figure it out.  Maybe, make a post about your annoyance.  Write.  It is cathartic.  Get your feelings on papers.  It could turn into a story.

And then pretend that you didn’t tell someone you had something fixed, to find out the system went bonkers on you.  You can work it out.  You will laugh about it a week from now.  Maybe tomorrow isn’t your day to laugh, but soon you will laugh.

Work on fixing the problem and being honest about it.  This is my honestly part. No one is perfect, and sometimes it’s good to let others see how life is.

And so now…off to church.  It is well…  It is well…  With my soul.

Sincerely, BG

p.s.  Go find Kathy Henn and watch her video on Facebook Live.