Secrets, Scoundrel, & Delights in KDP Review

Author Kathy Henn is setting the Kindle World on fire with her latest book, “Secrets, Scoundrels, & Delights In KDP: Rising Above the Muck To Write & Publish 8 Books in 24 Days.”

Delighted in her new career, Kathy freely shares insights, secret discoveries, and answers typical questions that anyone may have before committing to the Kindle publishing process.  She discusses where to look for information, and gives caution on who, and what practices to avoid.

Being retired from the telecommunications industry, as well as having sold Multi Level Marketing products for many years, Kathy tells of the joy it brings having her own products to offer others for benefiting their lives.

Other discussions include the publishing industry, opportunities for new authors, how she personally feels about her own writing career, while offering advice to others interested in Kindle Digital Publishing..

If you long to author a book, or learn more about Kindle Publishing, I highly recommend this book.

You can find Kathy’s book here:

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2 thoughts on “Secrets, Scoundrel, & Delights in KDP Review”

  1. Hi BG,

    I haven’t quite been able to keep up with Kathy and her writing so far. I’m still reading her first Facebook Live series but I will get to this one.

    It’s just so awesome to see her excitement (I know I’ve said it before but she inspires me every day) when she talks about her books and the plans for more.

  2. Hi Monna, It is good to see her do so well. I really liked this book too. She really has a great way of digging in getting the job done. I need to work
    more on that. I have your finished also. Great job. Thanks for commenting and sharing.

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