Developing Your Writing Style

You have this post you’re working on which you feel is skillfully crafted with each brush stroke of your best word paints.  You are sure it is your “Michelangelo” in words. It is bright, and so picturesque that even the blind can bask in its colorful essence when read aloud.  After a while, your flow of creativity ebbs, and you decide to let your piece sit for a day to dry.

When you come back the next day you discover that your vibrant colors have dulled through the drying process.  So, now you have to find another way to liven up your artistic word creation. You tweak, add more word paints, while also adding a bit from an old blog post-which you felt was phenomenal.  Then, you find at the end of the day that you’ve created a neon sign that’s garish, and seen flashing in a galaxy light years away.

I give you permission to laugh at this one.

We all have these days with our writing.  That’s why we work at it to develop our skills and style.  We may feel that we know exactly where we are going with our post, and then end up at a stop sign on the other side of town.  We’ve read all the best posts, studied all the best books, but what we haven’t discovered is our own style.  That’s why writing is a craft.  You have to work at it and build upon it.  There are some who naturally put pen to paper and come up with a “Michelangelo.”  But when considering this master craftsman himself, look at the amount of time he put into his creation of David, and the Sistine Chapel.

The hardest things for me to write about are products and services.  These, to me, are a smaller area of creativity.  So, like any good artist would do… get out your sketch pad.  Remember if you’re drawing a house, don’t forget the front door. This is where you enter.

Start with you sketch… or your outline

  • Consider what you want to say and/or what you want to include.
  • Include major bullet points, and then elaborate on each one. (the “xyz” brand is much heavier than the “abc” brand which makes it more cumbersome to take along.)
  • Give reasons for why this is a good product or service, and include its less finer points.  (I love that the “abc” brand has everything in one place, though it does cost a bit more than the “xyz” brand.)
  • Give personal examples of why you feel this way. (“I used the “xyz” product and found that my hair was the shiniest it’s ever been, and it’s less expensive than “abc” brand.)
  • If you have pertinent information from another blog piece, use it. (If it’s not yours, give credit to the source.)
  • Finish it off with your overall thoughts, and your recommendations. (Throw some creativity into it.)

Now that you have your outline, learn to develop your style as you go.  Go back over your work, and see if there is a defining factor in each piece that you’ve written, then go from there.  You will see, quite often, that the more you write, your style will evolve and change.  It’s good to look at what others write to see how they solve a problem with creativity, and with writing in general.   Look at other viewpoints,  consider them, but in the end, write your way, in your style. Some days you will have to paint over everything, that’s just part of the learning process.

Continue to develop your writing.

There will always be articles and posts that are re-purposed, crafted and laughed at…pick up your brush and paint your words anyway.

Keep writing!


Sincerely, BG


(originally posted on blog on 5/22/15)

Create Yourself Through Writing



Author, writer, and teacher, Monna Ellithorpe  has recently reactivated her Facebook writing workshop group, “Create Yourself Through Writing.”   This group is open to new, and seasoned writers alike, and leads them to venture through their own writing processes by helping them develop their skills and insights.

The writing group is a closed group where each writer can share what they wish without fear of their work being in a public forum, before they are ready.

Monna includes weekly writing prompts on her website, Monna, for helping writers to get their thoughts down on paper.   Writing is known for being cathartic for such  stress relief, and it can inspire new ideas and processes.  It’s a great way to get in touch with yourself, and the world.

For all of those interested, Click the picture below to begin your writing journey.

 photo Create Yourself Through Writing C 3.5x1.5_zpsqb7jp8wn.png


Be sure to join!

Sincerely, BG



Book Reviews: Why They Matter

Whether we’re authors, or avid readers, it’s important when we buy a book that we leave a review.  You may wonder why it’s so important.  Let me give you some reasons.

Scouring the book reviews online will help us decide if the book is a hit or miss.

Reading several reviews will help customers decide if they really want to spend money on a particular book, or if we want to look for something else.  

Most of us would not want to spend money on a book that ends up being less than the value we expected?

(Don’t forget to use the Amazon “Look Inside” when considering books.)

Leaving reviews not only helps you, it helps the author with feedback, and those suggestions can help to improve the book.  Book reviews help other customers decide whether they want to buy,  and they are also great feedback for publishers and editors.

When reviewing books, tell what you like about the book, and be kind with your constructive criticism.  The purpose of the review is to help other customers, as well as the author.  Please, be diplomatic when giving your opinion.  Be helpful and honest, but not brutal.  The author will eventually be able to tell how well his book is doing by how many returns they have, or in the amount of overall sales.

If you’re reviewing books on Amazon, you will need to write at least 20 words before submitting.  It’s important to leave a review as soon as you finish your book.  If you put it off, it’s more than likely you won’t review the book.  Unfortunately, I’ve been guilty of this myself.  I’ve gotten distracted by other things, and then have forgotten to write a review.  Reviews are a great way to support your favorite, or local author.

When writing reviews,  be aware that Amazon will not allow you to write a review on a book for a close family member, or someone with whom you are closely affiliated with in business.  I’ve learned this one also, the hard way.  A little note may pop up and tell you that you are ineligible to write a review on “this” book because of your close association with the author.  OUCH… Look at the  guidelines on books to see what is, and isn’t permitted.

Watch this video below for a short demonstration:


Thank you for reading!
Sincerely, BG

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Be A Trailblazer

Be a Trailblazer

As a writer, I want to leave a trail of words in your hearts; something that will bring your back to how important words and analogies are so that it will spark something new and creative in your heart.  Actually, my Facebook Fanpage is Trail Words... it’s supposed to mean words left behind which touch your heart.  I want a heart to heart connection with others and to blaze a trail with my words. Of course, that connection can’t happen with everyone, but even if there’s none, maybe something I say will resonate with you so that you find a place where you can either climb to a higher road, or take a simpler path that is perfect for you.

Your choice. Your life. Your trail.

There’s two reasons for me writing this post today. First, my friend, and writing mentor, Monna Ellithorpe, gave us a writing prompt last week which propelled me to this point. (I’ll add it later.)  For a while now, I’ve laid down in the middle of my trail rolling in the dust, and something has to change.  Sometimes when we don’t know what to do we just stop, drop and roll…(if I may borrow that phrase) and you know yourself, that puts fires out like nothing else.

Then, this morning I picked up a book to read, I came across (again) the above quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson…

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

A quote for which I’m very fond.

A subtle connection, however this quote has been important to me for a long time.

Another poem from childhood by Robert Frost entitled “The Road Not Taken”:


I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.

   -Robert Frost (last two stanzas of the poem)


No two paths are alike. We are all different.

Everywhere I look in my life there have been subtle references to trails, paths and roads…

Or maybe that’s just the lens I’m looking through.

The whole premise of the post is to get you to travel “your road.”  The road meant for you.

Survival specialists are discovering, and teaching, new ways to find and mark trails for themselves and for others.  Isn’t this for your survival?  Finding your own trail.  Marking it.  Skipping on it.  Jumping on it.  Weeding it.  Pruning it. Remodeling it, and then peacefully living on it.

However, it’s not only for your survival… it’s also for your joy.  If you aren’t content and joyful about what you’re doing then will your really throw your whole heart into it, and do it well?

The missing (mission) element?  Do it not only for you, but for others.  Purpose, that is living on purpose, is bigger than ourselves.  We don’t give to life only for our enjoyment…but also for the enjoyment others.

Even though there are times when my children may call me a recluse ( I am at times), I do understand that life is unimportant without others.  I need people on my trail.  I want others to see lovely things that can inspire them and bring smiles and laughter.

And, on those dreary days when I am down… I think about the sometimes…

Sometimes, we have to clean our glasses. Sometimes, we have to wash our windows.  Sometimes, we have to sweep our path. Sometimes, we have to enjoy what we have until our path is clear, and the rocks are excavated, so that we can dig out that relaxing stream next to our trail to draw others in.  Who wouldn’t want to stop and rest next to your trail?  That is, until they build an even finer one of their own.

It isn’t always easy.  When you know that you know what you know, and where your trail is leading… keep knowing, and keep growing, until you know something else.  No one says that your always have to follow the same path.  We live in a complex world and sometimes your trails change.

The important thing to remember is to leave behind bread crumbs for someone else to find you.  They may only want to stop for a visit, or just look on for inspiration, because they have their own trail to blaze… and when we blaze trails next to each other, we may ignite into a bonfire for the world to see.

Here’s to your trailblazing.

My piece from Monna’s writing prompt…

“Let me tell you how it really happened”

Keep Moving On

It had occurred within a dream,
A lovely path, for me it seemed.

I traveled it- with twists and turns,
With bumps and dips, and weeds to burn.

Where was the green on nearby hills?
No beauty here- no flowered frills.

Only a road with downs and ups.
This dirty path, a bit too much.

“Relax, said God. “Keep moving on.
This dirty road will help you some.

Rough roads appear before the smooth.
There’s tests in life. Come on, just move!”

I tied my shoes, and traveled on
This dusty road from dusk till dawn.

I stopped to rest, and spied a bud,
A perfect bloom thrust forth in mud.

Now looking past the dirt and grime,
This lovely bud came forth to shine.

Just like our hearts…beyond the stains,
Beyond the dust, beauty remains.

Some days are dark. Some days are grim.
Some days we think our chances slim

To find a way, or stay on track;
To find the sun when clouds are black.

Open your eyes to what you see
Inside your heart… your destiny.

Blot out the clouds when they turn dark,
And go within for hope to spark.

That gleaming path you fell upon
Sometimes looks dark. Keep moving on.

Your dream is bright. You’ll find your bud
Come shining forth in hope and love.

Be Genuine~

Sincerely, BG

Coming Soon~ Too Many Shoes For Tenlei

How hard is it for you to keep your room clean and tidy? “Too Many Shoes For Tenlei: The Gift of Sharing” is the story of a little girl who has so many shoes that she cannot keep them all picked up.  Most of us have had to deal with this issue at one time or another.  Be sure to check this story out and see how Tenlei solves her problem.

This story is tentatively based on our youngest granddaughter and her love for shoes, and her generous nature.

This book will be available on very shortly.

This book is now available on Amazon.


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I was Buckeye born, (with southern roots) and  loved wandering the hills of Woodland Cemetery, with my friends, near our home. We explored the woods, took dips in the duck pond, and romped along the creek of the University of Dayton Campus. Because of this, I believe it inspired my friends, and I, to dream and move beyond our circumstances.

Over the past 30 years, I’ve been a serial entrepreneur engaging in a number of business ventures that ranged from Realtor and small business owner, to involvement with various network marketing companies. While raising my children, I studied creative writing and became a prolific writer of short stories and poems.  My driving passion is to write stories and poems to engage, and open the minds of children in the creative process. Touching their  hearts and helping them to uncover the joy of reading and writing is what I love, and it also helps me leave a legacy for my grandchildren.