Frustration…How Do You Deal With It?

Life doesn’t always go as planned. It seems like I just heard this yesterday.  Oh yes, I did, in a video by an author friend.

I will have to go watch the video again.

There  are days, or weeks, when life throws something out of the ordinary at us, and we get frustrated.

Frustration, how do you deal with it?

Find a place, or a space to calm down, and look at the situation as it really is. Walk away.  Get  perspective.  Even laugh if you can.  Most often, in the scheme of things, this is only major for the moment, and not for a lifetime.  Find a place of peace, figure it out.  Maybe, make a post about your annoyance.  Write.  It is cathartic.  Get your feelings on papers.  It could turn into a story.

And then pretend that you didn’t tell someone you had something fixed, to find out the system went bonkers on you.  You can work it out.  You will laugh about it a week from now.  Maybe tomorrow isn’t your day to laugh, but soon you will laugh.

Work on fixing the problem and being honest about it.  This is my honestly part. No one is perfect, and sometimes it’s good to let others see how life is.

And so now…off to church.  It is well…  It is well…  With my soul.

Sincerely, BG

p.s.  Go find Kathy Henn and watch her video on Facebook Live.



        Cup of Laughter

If I’m feeling kind of lowly,

And my friends aren’t to be found-

If the tissues near are soggy,

And my smile is upside down-


 If a crack invades my spirit,

And a shudder hits my spine-

I will drink a cup of laughter,

And release what’s on my mind.


 Sometimes gloom will overtake me

And misfortune blocks my path-

It’s then I’ll send myself a note:

Hey, remember just to laugh!


 When we drink a cup of laughter,

We will drink a cup of peace-

And our troubles which were tragic-

All will seem now to decrease.



It can all be made much better,

(Though this test may bring some doubt)

Just shake your head in disbelief-

And begin to laugh out loud.


 Choose to draw upon good mem’ries.

Choose to wipe, and dry you eyes,

Always drink a cup of laughter,

And be grateful you’re alive.

       -BG Jenkins ©2015



What Color Would You Be If You Were A Cupcake?

What color would you be if you were a cupcake? That’s a great question for us all. Join Breesy Brie as her family bakery gets ready for a school bake sale in this new story and activity book.

You’ll find word searches, mazes and places to put your child’s favorite recipes. They will explore measurement conversions, simple math, and other ideas about what it takes to run a bakery. This activity book is set for ages 7-9. (Cover Design assistance by Breesy Brie)

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Sincerely, BG

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Writing With Patience or Intensity?

Writing with patience or intensity?

Patience?  Hmmm…a foreign concept to me, though I know that patience is a virtue.  As you may have guessed, I do have a hard time harnessing patience.

So, how do you practice writing patience when a tsunami of words hit, and you’re fighting to capture every one of them?  You know the waters will rush back out to sea, leaving you deprived of a single element that makes sense if you don’t put it on paper now.  You recognize this.  It’s intense!  Right?

Write.  Keep writing…sense, and nonsense, and then sort it out later.

An opportunity will arise when you can take your proverbial scalpel to cut away those things that aren’t needed, and then add elements that bring more sense and comprehension to the picture. Sometimes, the nonsensical spurs new ideas. It’s hard when emotions are high, and you’re trying to use this flow to go with the tide.  Tides turn.  Capture what you can.  Be patient.  It will come.

I just had a wise friend tell me to leave something sit, and come back to it.  I took her advice, and she was correct.  I was able to look at my written piece and improve it.  This takes patience.  Crafting and editing takes time.   If your piece is “dogging you” too badly, work on something else for a while.

And then, this week I read an ebook by an author who suggested you ask five friends to write three things about you to help your find your writing voice.  It was also to help you see your blind side.   I did that.  I had some nice things sent back to me, and this is the one that stuck in my brain…

INTENSE…  (Who?  Me?)

Well, honestly, I kind of knew this, and I appreciated the honesty because I knew this person was trying to help me.  Then they told me that this was a good thing.  I found that fact a little befuddling, until they explained.

They said that I was intense to the point of making sure that I tried to get everything right, and I would keep working at it until I did. (Can I tell you how much I love my … this family member.)

So, with your writing, use both intensity and patience.  Write what you love, find your voice, be kind to yourself.  Keep writing.


Sincerely, BG

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Quotes and Analogies To Learn From

Don’t you just love quotes and analogies?  They can make your day, lift you up, and cause you to see things in a different way.  I’ve come across a few of them this week that have bumped around inside my brain like nagging thoughts tend to do.   I’ve pondered them, and considered not only how they help me to see things in a different way, but also how they touch me.

I actually love this picture, and the quote above by Josh Billings, because it makes me think of our two Jack Russell terriers that we lost a couple of years ago.  This saying for me is true… (and what a great love it is.)

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”

-Josh Billings


So, on to the next analogy.   I just heard this one a bit ago on a podcast by someone I follow.  The quote was by  guest, John Pollack, who is an author and former political writer.


His quote:

“Money comes and goes, but time only goes.”

-John Pollack


Well, that certainly makes you consider how you’re spending your time.

The next quote, found on a tweet by someone I follow and honestly, I don’t remember who the author of the quote is (I apologize).  The quote:


“You can do anything, But not everything.”

-David Allen  (I looked it up.)


Three different quotes I’ve been mulling over, like a dog with a bone.  (I couldn’t help myself.)   “If I can do anything, but not everything, and time goes, and my dog loves me more than he loves himself…

Then, I better stop wasting time, do what I love, and spend more time with the people I love because time is fleeting, your passion is worth it, and so are your loved ones.

Now, back to the thoughts, quotes, and analogies that rivet your soul… take a moment to write them, and consider them.  You may learn something, and if you share them, someone else may see a little more clearly.

What can I say,  I love quotes and analogies.  Words just do it for me.  Analogies are great ways to explain ideas, and make for writing better passages.  They even help us to clarify, and simplify.

Leave me an analogy or quote in the comments.  I’ll be looking for them today.   It will only expand our view.

Have a great day!

Sincerely, BG


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Lost Forever In The W.W.W.

There are some of us who are not organized or proficient in record keeping.  The downside of this could be loss of royalties, or income if something unforeseen occurs, and your loved ones  are unable to use your information.  Discover the steps you should take  in Monna Ellithorpe’s book, “Lost Forever In The W.W.W.”

Monna gives you a list of 12 particular areas for keeping records for your internet business.  Should you become incapacitated, or worse, your record keeping is a necessary means of information for your loved ones to have.

With this information they can receive payments on your accounts to either pay bills, or receive those monies that you have earned in your lifetime.  Many do not like to have these discussions, because these “what ifs” are not something that seem relevant for the moment.  Regardless, we should consider the kinds of dilemma we could leave our families in, if they were not to have this information at a hand’s reach.

I urge to read this small gem, and start organizing the paperwork your loved ones will need for when a short-term, or long-term absence from your online business occurs.

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Sincerely, BG

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Cheap Children’s Book Review

Daily, we read books to our children, and grandchildren, and may think to ourselves, I think I can do this.

You’re constantly making up stories, songs, and poems, to entertain, and delight your little ones, but to actually write a book about it is more than you’ve anticipated.  You decide you’ll sit down, write a story, and send it off to various publishing houses, only to receive one rejection slip after another.  However, now the bug has bitten you, and the itch is still there, you have to continue, somehow, and someway.  You know you can do this.

Then you meet a friend who opens your eyes to self-publishing your children’s book…and even then, you have to take into account these costs, as well:

  • Book Covers
  • Inside Book Illustrations
  • Book Launch Fees
  • Networking Fees
  • Marketing Fees
  • Blogging Fees
  • Hosting Fees
  • Time Invested

Don’t get me wrong, illustrators, and marketers, do a wonderful job and deserve to get paid.  I love my earlier illustrators!  But, let’s face it, if you’re up and coming, and want to break through the barrier, there is a larger start-up cost than expected…until now.

CheapChildren’, created  by Author Barry J McDonald, is one of the best things to come along in a long time!  This program is fit for a small budget, and has more value than those which can cost you hundreds of dollars.  And, even if you’re not in the children’s book arena, but still love to write…some of these ideas will transfer to other niches of writing, as well.

Watch the video below to learn more.

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Sincerely, BG

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