Create Yourself Through Writing



Author, writer, and teacher, Monna Ellithorpe  has recently reactivated her Facebook writing workshop group, “Create Yourself Through Writing.”   This group is open to new, and seasoned writers alike, and leads them to venture through their own writing processes by helping them develop their skills and insights.

The writing group is a closed group where each writer can share what they wish without fear of their work being in a public forum, before they are ready.

Monna includes weekly writing prompts on her website, Monna, for helping writers to get their thoughts down on paper.   Writing is known for being cathartic for such  stress relief, and it can inspire new ideas and processes.  It’s a great way to get in touch with yourself, and the world.

For all of those interested, Click the picture below to begin your writing journey.

 photo Create Yourself Through Writing C 3.5x1.5_zpsqb7jp8wn.png


Be sure to join!

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