What Color Would You Be If You Were A Cupcake?

What color would you be if you were a cupcake? That’s a great question for us all. Join Breesy Brie as her family bakery gets ready for a school bake sale in this new story and activity book.

You’ll find word searches, mazes and places to put your child’s favorite recipes. They will explore measurement conversions, simple math, and other ideas about what it takes to run a bakery. This activity book is set for ages 7-9. (Cover Design assistance by Breesy Brie)

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Authors and Their Books

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Lillian De Jesus

Monna Ellithorpe

Billy Green

Kathy Henn

B.G. Jenkins

Barry J McDonald

Alicia Osemra

Louise S.G.

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Sheet Music Download

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From Seren Chickadee~ Tweet Songs from the Heart (and Other Poems)

You can find this book on Amazon.

Published September 2014





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Create Yourself Through Writing



Author, writer, and teacher, Monna Ellithorpe  has recently reactivated her Facebook writing workshop group, “Create Yourself Through Writing.”   This group is open to new, and seasoned writers alike, and leads them to venture through their own writing processes by helping them develop their skills and insights.

The writing group is a closed group where each writer can share what they wish without fear of their work being in a public forum, before they are ready.

Monna includes weekly writing prompts on her website, Monna Ellithorpe-Author.com, for helping writers to get their thoughts down on paper.   Writing is known for being cathartic for such  stress relief, and it can inspire new ideas and processes.  It’s a great way to get in touch with yourself, and the world.

For all of those interested, Click the picture below to begin your writing journey.

 photo Create Yourself Through Writing C 3.5x1.5_zpsqb7jp8wn.png


Be sure to join!

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Coming Soon~ Too Many Shoes For Tenlei

How hard is it for you to keep your room clean and tidy? “Too Many Shoes For Tenlei: The Gift of Sharing” is the story of a little girl who has so many shoes that she cannot keep them all picked up.  Most of us have had to deal with this issue at one time or another.  Be sure to check this story out and see how Tenlei solves her problem.

This story is tentatively based on our youngest granddaughter and her love for shoes, and her generous nature.

This book will be available on Amazon.com very shortly.

This book is now available on Amazon.