Book Reviews: Why They Matter

Whether we’re authors, or avid readers, it’s important when we buy a book that we leave a review.  You may wonder why it’s so important.  Let me give you some reasons.

Scouring the book reviews online will help us decide if the book is a hit or miss.

Reading several reviews will help customers decide if they really want to spend money on a particular book, or if we want to look for something else.  

Most of us would not want to spend money on a book that ends up being less than the value we expected?

(Don’t forget to use the Amazon “Look Inside” when considering books.)

Leaving reviews not only helps you, it helps the author with feedback, and those suggestions can help to improve the book.  Book reviews help other customers decide whether they want to buy,  and they are also great feedback for publishers and editors.

When reviewing books, tell what you like about the book, and be kind with your constructive criticism.  The purpose of the review is to help other customers, as well as the author.  Please, be diplomatic when giving your opinion.  Be helpful and honest, but not brutal.  The author will eventually be able to tell how well his book is doing by how many returns they have, or in the amount of overall sales.

If you’re reviewing books on Amazon, you will need to write at least 20 words before submitting.  It’s important to leave a review as soon as you finish your book.  If you put it off, it’s more than likely you won’t review the book.  Unfortunately, I’ve been guilty of this myself.  I’ve gotten distracted by other things, and then have forgotten to write a review.  Reviews are a great way to support your favorite, or local author.

When writing reviews,  be aware that Amazon will not allow you to write a review on a book for a close family member, or someone with whom you are closely affiliated with in business.  I’ve learned this one also, the hard way.  A little note may pop up and tell you that you are ineligible to write a review on “this” book because of your close association with the author.  OUCH… Look at the  guidelines on books to see what is, and isn’t permitted.

Watch this video below for a short demonstration:


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4 thoughts on “Book Reviews: Why They Matter”

  1. Very helpful information BG Jenkins. Thank you. I enjoyed the video very much! Leaving reviews don’t take up much time either but is so important to the author and other buyers!

  2. Thanks so much, Cathy for commenting. I do believe that myself.
    We always look at the reviews to see how everything is rated and then decide
    if we want to take the chance on it.

  3. Hi BG,

    Great post and I’m also ashamed to admit that I forget to leave reviews too. I’m in the process of going back through what I’ve read and leaving comments.

    Unfortunately, because we work so closely together, I can’t leave a comment on your books. I’m putting my reviews on my author site for the books Amazon blocks me from commenting.

  4. Hi Monna…thanks so much for commenting and sharing. Yes, I know, they won’t let me comment on yours. I will try to get an author’s gallery up
    myself to do the same. I think that is a great idea! I do appreciate all you do. 🙂

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