Authors Ready? Let’s Roll…

My childhood friend, Cathy, sent me this amazing article this week warning of floating fire ant colonies in Alabama after the flooding from Tropical Storm Cindy.  Fire ants interlock their bodies with each other to create balls, rafts, and bridges to rise above storm devastation.

We never knew much about fire ants until we moved to the South. They can infiltrate an area like no other, leaving nasty stings, and white blisters, behind in their wake, and when waters rise they gather, band together, float, and roll, until the water recedes.  We first learned of the dangers of them when my daughter, in her late twenties at that time, had her first fire ant attack, and discovered she was allergic. Fire Ants are powerful creatures and go to great lengths to protect their colonies.

You may wonder what this has to do with writing.  I was thinking of this article which Cathy sent, and another article which another friend, Monna Ellithorpe, has written on her new venture of “Authors Supporting Authors,”  and decided I liked the analogy of ants, and authors, interlocking on ideas and resources for making bridges, learning, and supporting each other.  (Unfortunately, as per some issues with one website… this program was taken down, but Monna is glad to help support you with your publishing needs. )

***Here’s the idea I have about it… and places that I collect thoughts and resources from.  All of these authors are not in the group.   


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2 thoughts on “Authors Ready? Let’s Roll…”

  1. Hi BG,
    I really like the way you are now doing your drawings with your videos and writing. If I did more by hand, I would probably start doing that too. Who knows maybe I will anyway.

    I didn’t know that about ants but it worked perfectly for a comparison to our Authors Promoting Authors.

  2. Thanks Monna, I appreciate that. I’m really bad, but Cathy keeps encouraging me. I like this idea of yours of promoting each other. Thanks so much.

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